offlimits coffee - Manali

Hemp x Coffee x More

 Nestled in Manali, Offlimits Coffee is a coffee lover’s paradise, celebrated for its diverse blends.

Our baristas expertly tailor each cup to your taste. Step into vintage charm, where woody rustic vibes meet an embedded library – pick up a book, order your favourite coffee, and unwind with friends.

Imagine one side exuding vintage warmth, while the other reveals mountains, valleys, and clouds through expansive windows.

A slice of heaven from our panoramic view cafe. Indulge in not just exceptional coffee but also hemp-infused delicacies. Customization is our specialty; ask our chefs for Hemp-Infused, vegan, or gluten-free options.


Offlimits Coffee invites you to savor the latest in Himachal’s trends – a delightful blend of coffee, hemp, and personalized experiences.